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Trouser Shirts CC previously existed as a Proprietary Company formed in about 1980. The company is associated with Shirnat Fashion International & Sabona Kunjani Clothing Industries cc a BBBEE Company.

The primary products of Trouser Shirts CC, have consisted of protective garments for various industries and include mens boilersuits, conti-suits, dustcoats, trousers, shirts,boots, socks, rainwear, t-shirts, sportwear, gloves and all accessories and various ladies items i.e. skirts, blouses, overalls, etc. Security wear, such as combat trousers, conventional trousers, caps, lanyards, badges, whistles, coats and all accessories. Schoolwear, trousers, shirts, socks, shoes, tracksuits, tunics, t-shirts, sleepwear and bedding items.

The Trouser Shirt Company has operated throughout all the provinces of South Africa, throughout Namibia, Swaziland and Botswana. Our Brands include 'Yeoman’ Protective wear, ‘Dateline’ Shirts and Trousers, ‘Bradley’ Boys wear and ‘Candice’ Ladies wear.

Our garments are well received in the market place and our reputation for prompt and efficient service is well recognized. Our bank facilities are adequate and ample for our requirements. Most of our garments are produced by a variety of factories throughout Natal concentrated in Durban, Ladysmith, Verulam and Hammersdale. Several hundred Black and Indian workers are occupied in producing our requirements, and all the factories are owned and managed by non white personal.

We have been supplying a great number of middle merchants who in turn service industries throughout South Africa and surrounding states.

Most of our raw materials which are used, is locally produced and our main suppliers are DaGama Textiles, Frame Textiles, David Whitehead, Gelvenor Textiles and Hextex Mills. We do have access to various other mills in case of need. Our credit standing is excellent and suppliers are forthcoming whenever required.